General Support

ASISCaseManager® and ASISCorporateSecurity® Product Suite.



ASIS provides specialist technical consultants to assist with the initial installation of all networked systems. Suitably trained consultants are provided to deliver initial User and System Administration training and ASIS can also provide additional training to meet changing client needs. ASIS provides full support to its clients throughout the lifecycle of its products.


ASIS Clients can contact the ASIS Help Desk to seek assistance.

Help is also available from all screens within the software applications. Selecting the 'Help' pull-down menu, the 'Help' icon or the F1 key on a particular screen will allow you to view the 'Help Information' for that screen.

Helpful hints are also available in the status bar at the bottom of each screen.  As you move the mouse over particular areas of a screen, helpful hints and a description of the area the mouse pointer is currently in will appear in this 'Help' area.  Buttons on the toolbar also contain 'Tool Tips'.


The company's compliance case management software products have been developed using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET. They have been designed to operate on a LAN or WAN using any of the standard LAN Management Utilities.

System Requirements



Last updated 15 December 2014

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