The acknowledged specialist nature of investigating fraud and other serious criminal activities has resulted in the need to provide relevant software tools, not only for Investigators, but just as importantly for their Managers. Our research established that a ‘Commercial-Off-The-Shelf’ (COTS) Case Management System was required to satisfy this unmet market requirement. The System had to be highly functional, simple to use, cost effective and overall significantly increase productivity.

ASISCaseManager® was designed with the combined expertise of experienced Law Enforcement Investigators and Criminal Intelligence Analysts. It is a fully integrated Windows-based compliance case management system developed using Microsoft Visual Basic.NET and is delivered with a standard Microsoft® SQL 2008 Express Server database. The application can be used on a single PC or networked across a LAN or WAN (for WAN installations see Technical Information).  It is available in a number of standard industry versions: The example shown has been designed to assist the Investigator, Manager or Team Leader, Executive Management and System Administrator.

ASISCaseManager® provides added control of Investigations and resources, as well as providing increased productivity, security and audit trail capability.  The System will assist Investigators and Managers by: prioritizing each Allegation or Incident, identifying the work load of each Investigator, facilitating 'Running Sheet' entries for each Investigation and providing on-line Case Status, Court Action referrals and Exhibit/Evidence management on a 'Case-by-Case' basis. In addition, there is the provision of statistics and reports when required, as well as a comprehensive 'Audit Trail' facility. The System has been designed so that Managers need only press a button to monitor the activity of any Investigation or produce reports and statistics.

ASISCaseManager® is one of the most cost-effective and least expensive commercially available systems on the market and the product is fully scalable. Site Licenses can be provided to meet your current needs and the System can grow as your organisational needs grow - the more users, the lower the per user cost. 

ASISCaseManager® can be customised to meet your organisation's specific requirements, with some minor modifications provided at no additional cost. Whether you choose the standard system or require a modified system, the end result is a far more cost-effective solution than an "in-house" development project.  We fully support all versions of products supplied to all clients - View Client Profile.


Last updated 15 December 2014

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