ASISCaseManager® System Overview

ASISCaseManager® has been developed with the assistance of experienced fraud investigators and the complete investigation life cycle is managed by the System. Management has an array of reports to assist them with the current status of multiple investigations as well as multiple Task Force operations.

ASISCaseManager® provides for the added control of Investigations and associated resources, as well as providing increased productivity and audit trail capability.  The System will assist Investigators and Managers by: prioritizing each Allegation or Incident, identifying the work load of each Investigator, facilitating 'Running Sheet' entries for each Investigation, on-line case Status, Court Action referrals and Exhibit/Evidence management on a 'Case by Case' basis. In addition, there is the provision of statistics and reports when required, as well as a comprehensive 'Audit Trail' and Security facility. The System has been designed so that Managers need only press a button to monitor the activity of any Investigation or produce reports and statistics.

Investigators are provided with an array of tools and reports to assist them with:

  • Draft Brief of Evidence production
  • Investigation Running Sheets and linked external files
  • Physical Description Details
  • Suspect identification (ID Photo Array/Board) - up to 12 Photos that can be set up as required
  • The current location of all Evidence collected and the movement history of each piece of evidence
  • Automated Case Summary report
  • Ad hoc report wizard which can save and reuse and share your custom reports

In addition to the above, Managers have access to a range of Investigation Statistics Reports. And a secure messaging system to issue instructions to Investigators regarding actions the Manager wishes the Investigator to take as a matter of priority.

External files can be linked to a Running Sheet record. Word documents (*.doc), Spread Sheets (*.xls), Image Files (*.bmp, *.gif, *.tif), Video Clips (*.mov, *.avi)  and Sound files (*.mid, *.wav) can all be linked. To provide maximum efficiency to the System, these records are not stored within the database itself. Rather, the linked record is copied to the database server so that multiple (authorized) users can view the linked file. The System automatically indexes the copied files for easy retrieval.

The System also provides users with a comprehensive 'Text Search' facility and an 'Ad-hoc Report Generator'. Ad-hoc reports can be saved for future use as well as shared with other users of the system. We could add many more pages describing all the features of the product, however we believe that the Product Demo will make that task redundant. Request a Demo Version of the product now.

The System operates on any PC or laptop using Windows® XP Professional or Windows Vista.


Last updated 15 December 2014

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