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The Company

ASIS® (Australian Special Information Systems Pty Ltd), is a private corporation established in 1994 and is based in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. ASIS is wholly owned by its founders and corporate executives Peter Vassallo and Russ Lawrence.

The company provides software business tools and associated professional services designed to support investigations, compliance audits and incident case management.  It specialises in the design and development of 'semi-customised' Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) investigative case management software solutions primarily used by Government, Defence, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Security, Insurance, Banking, Finance and Maritime organisations and agencies - both domestically and internationally.

ASIS recognises that every organisation is unique and we work closely with our clients to modify our pre-existing products to provide solutions appropriate to their specific business needs.  We pride ourselves on being one of the most qualified and experienced commercial organisations to offer investigative systems capability and have achieved this position by bringing together ex-practitioners from the law enforcement, investigative and intelligence communities; engaging highly skilled and experienced information technology professionals; and designing innovative and cost-effective 'leading-edge' case management and corporate security software.

Our industry insight, our client focus, and our continuous product development strategies are major contributing factors to ASIS on-going success.  Organisations shortlist and select ASIS solutions for two reasons:

At the corporate level, clients trust ASIS because we are an experienced and professional organisation who are knowledgeable and passionate about our industry segment, our business, and our products, and are receptive to the needs of our clients.  As a solid and innovative company, we benefit from our longevity in the market place and our well-earned reputation within the investigative, compliance, professional ethics, audit, security, and law enforcement communities for quality case management products and excellent product support.

At the product level, clients invest in the functional and technical superiority of our investigative and incident case management software. Our clients know that their investment in ASIS software and services will not only meet their immediate business needs, but more importantly, meet their requirements into the future.

Product Development Strategy

The company's suite of software products have been specifically designed for investigative, compliance, professional ethics, audit, security and law enforcement communities and ASIS' proactive design strategy is based on continually developing leading-edge 'niche market' software applications.

ASIS has strategically aligned its technical architecture with the Microsoft® Corporation and is committed to tracking Microsoft's .Net initiatives in respect of future development platforms. Our overall product development strategy enables us to offer our clients the choice of either an entry-level solution, which can grow with the needs of the organisation, or an enterprise-wide approach. Either choice offers price/performance and implementation advantages, and significant project cost savings, over equivalent internal development projects, while delivering immediate productivity improvements.

Target Market

While the principal focus of our business is with all levels of government, some of our clients are either major private sector identities that have been the victims of fraud and/or corrupt practices in the past or organisations that provide commercial compliance-based services. Over the years, ASIS has developed some of the most innovative information management and analysis technology available in the world today. Our expertise in automating the investigative process, our training capability, and our experience and involvement in establishing major technology initiatives within the government, corporate security, law enforcement, and criminal justice markets, places us in an excellent position to assist our clients in the successful implementation of analytical, prevention and/or detection solutions.

Our People

Our management team, personnel and associates have a broad range of relevant industry expertise and experience in many government compliance agencies and major private sector IT organisations. We are expert practitioners in investigative and intelligence methodologies and have a broad 'hands-on' experience in the application of those methodologies in both the Australian and International criminal justice, law enforcement and secure defence environments. This unique industry-specific background underpins our capability to effectively understand our clients specific business or operational needs, and to develop and deliver meaningful and cost-effective solutions.

Quality and Client Support

When clients choose an ASIS quality software solution, they can be confident that they are also enlisting the services of some of the most experienced investigative, intelligence and information technology professionals available in the commercial world today. ASIS® is a company that places the client foremost in all its activities. Our commitment to quality is paramount and is based on our desire for long-term relationships and the highest level of client satisfaction, service and support.

The distinguished list of our Major Clients is an endorsement of the quality of our case management products and an indication of their confidence in ASIS' ongoing professionalism, expertise, and support capability.


Last updated 15 December 2014

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